As a user,
I want an Archive toggle in the search bar,
so that I can search only within archived conversations when it is enabled.
Acceptance Criteria
Toggle Functionality
Given the search bar interface,
When the user turns on the Archive toggle,
Then the search functionality should be restricted to archived conversations only.
Source Restriction
Given the Archive toggle is enabled,
When the user performs a search,
Then the results should include only archived conversations.
Toggle Visibility
Given the search bar interface,
When the user accesses the search functionality,
Then the Archive toggle should be clearly visible and accessible.
Toggle Status Indication
Given the Archive toggle is present,
When the toggle is turned on,
Then the interface should indicate the toggle is active (e.g., with a visual change such as a color shift or icon change).
Toggle Persistence
Given the user has set the Archive toggle,
When the user navigates away and returns to the search bar interface,
Then the toggle state (on/off) should be preserved.
User Feedback
Given the Archive toggle is enabled,
When the search is performed,
Then it should notify the user that the search results are derived from archived conversations.
Explanation Text for the Archive Toggle
Archive Toggle:
This toggle allows you to restrict your search to archived conversations, helping you find specific information from past interactions without sifting through current conversations.
How It Works:
Toggle On: Searches only within archived conversations.
Toggle Off: Searches across all conversations, including current ones.NOTE: By default the toggle should be OFF.
Enable this toggle for focused searches within your archived conversations.