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Email Verification for Hoory Account Activation
in progress
As a new user excited to join the Hoory platform, I want to receive a verification email immediately after registering an account, so that I can confirm the ownership of my provided email address and promptly activate my Hoory account. [ Acceptance Criteria ] Given: I complete the Hoory registration process, When: I provide my registration details, including a valid email address, And I submit the registration form, Then the system should initiate the sending of a verification email to my provided email address. Given: the verification email is sent to my inbox, When I access my email account, Then the email subject should contain " Hi [Meow], Welcome to Hoory! We have a suite of powerful tools ready for you to explore. Before that we quickly need to verify your email address to know it's really you. Please take a moment and click the link below and activate your account. [Confirm my account] " Given: I open the verification email, The email provides a "Confirm my account" link, I should be able to click the link to activate my Hoory account. Given: I click the "Confirm my account" button Then the system should validate my email address and activate my Hoory account. Given: my email address is successfully verified, When : I log in to my Hoory account, Then I should be granted full access to explore and use the suite of tools available on the platform. Given I encounter any challenges or uncertainties during the email verification process, When I encounter error messages or need clarification, Then the error messages should be informative, and there should be a way to contact Hoory's customer service for assistance. Given: the verification email does not arrive in my inbox within a reasonable time, When: there's a delay in receiving the verification email, Then I should have an option to request a new verification email to ensure timely account activation. Given I require support or have inquiries about the email verification process, When I seek assistance from Hoory's customer service, Then the customer service team should respond promptly and helpfully to address my concerns.
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