As a Hoory agent, I want the ability to pause the time spent on chats, ensuring accurate tracking of my availability and work hours, which should be reflected in the reports for accurate reporting and analysis.
Acceptance Criteria:
  1. As a Hoory agent, I should have the option to pause the time tracking when I am temporarily unavailable or not actively engaged in a chat.
  2. The Hoory platform should provide a visible and easily accessible "Pause Time" button or feature within the agent interface.
  3. When I click on the "Pause Time" button, the time tracking for my current chat session should stop, and the system should record the paused duration separately.
  4. The paused time should not be included in the calculations for metrics such as response time or average handling time.
  5. The Hoory system should accurately account for the paused time, ensuring it is not considered as part of my active chat session or working hours.
  6. The reports section within Hoory should include a dedicated section or tab that displays the paused time for each agent.
  7. The agent-specific report should show the total paused time for each agent, providing visibility into the duration and frequency of pauses during chat sessions.
  8. The report should present the paused time in a tabular format, allowing administrators to sort, filter, and search for specific agents or time periods.
  9. The paused time should be clearly labeled and distinguishable from active chat session time in the reports.
  10. The paused time should be factored into metrics and calculations related to agent availability and productivity, such as total working hours or availability percentages.
  11. I should be able to Click on the "Unpause" button to resume the time tracking for your current chat session.
  12. Once the time is unpaused, the system will resume tracking the duration of your chat session and include it in the calculations for metrics such as response time or average handling time.
  13. The reports should provide visual representations of the paused time data, such as charts or graphs, to facilitate analysis and comparison between agents.
  14. The reports should accurately reflect the paused time data, ensuring the information is reliable and up-to-date.