As an agent/admin user I want to be able to answer to an inbound call when a call si initiated from a user in Hoory account.
When the call based channel is activated and an end user initiates a call with the channel phone number
I as an agent/admin should be able to get notified about the call request regardless on what page am I in my account
I should get permission request to enable my microphone access first (if it is NOT enabled)
Once I allow access to my microphone I should be able to answer the call via clicking [ Answer ] button
Once I answer the call I should be able to see text placeholder in the conversation which will mention the call initiated time
I should be able to see Call initiated time in the Conversation history panel
I should be able to continue the call via SMS
I should be able to initiate a call with the customer right from the conversation page via clicking on the Start Call CTA
I should be able to see customer phone number in the conversation history