As an admin user of the Hoory system,
I want to access the "Archive" section and apply date filters to view specific archived conversations,
So that I can efficiently retrieve past interactions based on different time frames, including selecting a custom date range.
Acceptance Criteria:
As an admin user, I should have the necessary permissions and access rights to view and manage archived conversations.
Within the Hoory interface, there should be a clearly labeled and easily accessible "Archive" section visible to the admin user.
Upon clicking on the "Archive" section, I should be redirected to a new page or modal specifically designed to handle archived conversations.
The "Archive" section should display a default date filter, allowing me to select pre-defined date ranges like "Today," "Yesterday," "Last 7 Days," "Last 30 Days," etc.
When I select a pre-defined date range from the filter, the system should immediately display the archived conversations falling within that specified time frame.
The system should provide a "Custom Date" option within the date filter, allowing me to select a specific start date and end date to narrow down the range of archived conversations.
After choosing the "Custom Date" option, I should be presented with date pickers or a calendar interface where I can easily select the desired start and end dates.
When I apply the custom date filter, the system should update the archived conversations list to show only those that occurred between the selected start and end dates.
The date filter should be intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy to change between pre-defined and custom date ranges without confusion.
The system should remember my last selected date filter setting, so that when I revisit the "Archive" section later, it defaults to my previous filter preference.
While viewing archived conversations, each conversation item should display relevant details such as customer name, timestamp, and any relevant tags or labels associated with the conversation.
The system should support pagination or scrolling, depending on the number of archived conversations, ensuring smooth navigation through the list.
The admin user should be able to clear the date filter to view all archived conversations without any date restrictions.
If no archived conversations match the selected date filter, the system should display a clear message indicating that there are no conversations within the specified time frame.
The date filter functionality should be well-tested to ensure it accurately filters and displays the appropriate archived conversations based on the selected date range.
By implementing the above acceptance criteria, the admin user of the Hoory system can easily navigate to the "Archive" section, apply various date filters, and efficiently retrieve specific archived conversations based on their desired time frames, providing valuable insights and historical data as needed.