Top Games and Competitions: The AI will display the most popular and relevant matches and competitions for the user to consider for betting.
Title: Discover and Bet on Top Games with AI Recommendations
As a sports betting enthusiast,
I want the AI to provide me with the latest and most exciting games and competitions,
So that I can make informed decisions and place successful bets.
Acceptance Criteria:
Scenario 1: Introducing Top Games and Competitions
Given: I am an active user of the sports betting platform,
When I initiate a conversation with the AI,
Then the AI should greet me and introduce the new feature of "Top Games and Competitions."
Given: The AI introduces the new feature,
When I express interest in learning more,
Then the AI should explain that it will provide me with the most popular and relevant matches and competitions for betting purposes.
Scenario 2: Receiving AI Recommendations
Given: The AI has explained the "Top Games and Competitions" feature,
When I inquire about the current top games,
Then the AI should respond with a list of the most popular ongoing matches and competitions, along with brief descriptions of each.
Given: I am presented with the list of top games and competitions,
When I select a specific match or competition for more information,
Then the AI should provide additional details such as teams/players involved, match timings, and any notable statistics that might influence my betting decision.
Scenario 3: Engaging in a Conversational Betting Experience
Given: I have received information about a particular game or competition,
When I express interest in placing a bet,
Then the AI should guide me through a conversational betting experience, asking about my preferred betting options (e.g., team to win, total score, player performance), and offering real-time odds and insights to help me make an informed choice.
Given: I have engaged in a conversational betting experience,
When I confirm my betting preferences,
Then the AI should summarize my selections, provide an estimated payout, and confirm if I would like to proceed with placing the bet.
Scenario 4: Notifications and Updates
Given: I have placed a bet based on AI recommendations,
When there are significant updates or changes to the match (e.g., lineup changes, weather conditions),
Then the AI should proactively notify me through the chat, ensuring that I am aware of the latest developments that might impact my bet.
Given: I have interacted with the AI for a while,
When I express a desire to pause or end the conversation,
Then the AI should bid me farewell and inform me that it will be ready to assist me again whenever I return to the platform.