As a Hoory agent, I want the system to convert each PBX call into a ticket within the Hoory platform, enabling seamless communication with customers via SMS.
Acceptance Criteria:
  1. As a Hoory agent, when I receive an incoming call through the PBX system, the Hoory platform should automatically create a new ticket for that call.
  2. The ticket should include relevant information from the call, such as caller ID, call duration, and any additional data captured by the PBX system.
  3. The ticket should be assigned to the appropriate agent or department based on predefined routing rules or manual assignment.
  4. Once the ticket is created, the Hoory platform should send an SMS notification to the customer acknowledging the call and providing a reference number for future communication.
  5. Agents should have the ability to view and access the call ticket within the Hoory interface, including relevant details and any notes or comments recorded during the call.
  6. Agents should be able to respond to the customer's SMS messages directly from the Hoory platform, ensuring a seamless and unified communication experience.
  7. The SMS communication between agents and customers should be recorded and stored within the ticket for future reference.
  8. The Hoory platform should provide a user-friendly interface for agents to view, manage, and respond to SMS messages within the ticket.
  9. If the customer initiates a new SMS message regarding the ticket, it should be automatically linked and appended to the existing ticket conversation.
  10. Agents should be able to send SMS messages to customers using the customer's stored phone number, ensuring accurate and reliable communication.
  11. The Hoory platform should track and display the status of the SMS messages, indicating whether they have been sent, delivered, or read by the customer.
  12. Agents should have the ability to add internal notes or tags to the ticket to provide context or instructions to other agents or departments involved in the customer's support journey.
  13. The Hoory platform should generate reports and analytics on PBX call tickets, including metrics such as ticket volume, response times, resolution times, and customer satisfaction ratings.
  14. The SMS communication functionality should adhere to privacy regulations and guidelines, ensuring that customer data is securely stored and protected.
  15. The Hoory platform should integrate seamlessly with the PBX system, capturing call data accurately and transferring it to the ticketing system for efficient communication and follow-up.