As a user,
I want the AI Assistant to provide answers only from specific sources when Regulated toggle is enabled,
so that I can ensure the responses are accurate and relevant to my needs.
Acceptance Criteria
Toggle Functionality
Given the create AI Assistant page,
When the user turns on the Regulated toggle for restricting responses,
Then the AI Assistant should provide answers exclusively from the Training Notes and Betting Assistant (If enabled)
By Default the Regulated should be OFF
Source Restriction
Given the Regulated toggle is enabled,
When the AI Assistant is asked a question,
Then it should only reference information from the Training Notes and Betting Assistant (if enabled), ignoring other data sources.
Toggle Visibility
Given the AI Assistant interface,
When the user accesses the Edit mode,
Then the toggle for restricting responses should be clearly visible and accessible.
Toggle Status Indication
Given the toggle is present,
When the toggle is turned on,
Then the interface should indicate the toggle is active (e.g., with a visual change such as a color shift or icon change).
Fallback Handling
Given the toggle is enabled,
When the AI Assistant does not find relevant information in the Training Notes or Betting Assistant (if enabled),
Then it should inform the user that no relevant information is available instead of providing information from other sources.
Toggle Persistence
Given the user has set the toggle,
When the user navigates away and returns to the AI Assistant interface,
Then the toggle state (on/off) should be preserved.
Additional Notes
The toggle should be intuitive and easy to use.
The restriction should not compromise the accuracy and quality of responses from the designated sources.
The implementation should ensure that the toggle state does not reset unexpectedly.