As an admin Hoory, I want to delete an agent from the system
and have their assigned conversations automatically transferred to another agent,
to ensure a seamless transition of customer support.
Acceptance Criteria:
  1. When I access the Hoory agent management interface, I should be able to select an agent for deletion.
  2. Upon selecting the delete option, a confirmation prompt should appear, asking me to confirm the deletion.
  3. If I confirm the deletion, Hoory should validate that the agent has been properly selected for deletion.
  4. Hoory should identify all conversations currently assigned to the agent, including active and closed conversations.
  5. Once the assigned conversations are identified,
  6. Hoory should provide a mechanism to select the receiving agent for the transferred conversations.
  7. Hoory should present me with a list of available agents, including their availability status, workload, and expertise.
  8. I should be able to search and filter the list of available agents based on criteria such as department, skills, or workload.
  9. After selecting the receiving agent, Hoory should prompt me to confirm the transfer.
  10. Upon confirmation, Hoory should initiate the transfer process.
  11. Hoory should update the assigned conversations' metadata to reflect the new agent as the owner, including timestamps and assignment details.
  12. If there are any unassigned conversations among the transferred conversations, Hoory should provide options to assign them to another agent or mark them as unresolved.
  13. If I choose to assign unassigned conversations to another agent, Hoory should display the list of available agents, similar to the initial transfer process, for me to select the new assignee.
  14. Once the transfer and assignment process is complete, Hoory should provide a confirmation message, indicating that the conversations have been successfully transferred and assigned.
  15. The transferred conversations should be immediately accessible to the receiving agent in their Hoory interface.
  16. Hoory should log the transfer action, including the details of the transferred conversations and the agents involved, for future reference and auditing.
  17. If the receiving agent already has conversations assigned to them, Hoory should merge the newly transferred conversations with their existing workload, taking into account priorities and queue order.
  18. Hoory should handle any attachments or associated data linked to the transferred conversations appropriately, ensuring they remain intact and accessible during the transfer process.