As an admin user of the Hoory system at XYZ Company, I want to access and view a "Unattended conversations Report" to gain insights into the number of chats that were missed by our customer support agents. This functionality will help me identify potential gaps in our support coverage and take necessary actions to improve customer service.
Acceptance Criteria:
As an admin user, I should have a dedicated "Unattended conversations " section in the Hoory reports section.
The report should provide data for a specified time period, allowing me to select a start date and an end date for the report.
The report should display the total number of Unattended conversations during the specified time period prominently at the top.
The system should provide a detailed breakdown of missed chats based on different time intervals (e.g., hourly, daily) within the selected date range.
Each entry in the report should include the timestamp of the missed chat, the customer's details (if available), and the reason (if provided) for missing the chat.
The report should be presented in a clear and organized format, such as a table, making it easy to interpret the data at a glance.
The system should ensure that only admin users have access to the " Unattended conversations Report" section to maintain data confidentiality.
The report should update dynamically, reflecting real-time data to provide the most up-to-date information to the admin user.
As an admin user, I log in to the Hoory admin panel and navigate to the "Unattended conversations " section. The system presents me with a form where I can select the desired date range for the report, such as the previous week.
I enter the start date as seven days ago and the end date as today. After clicking on the "Generate Report" button, the Hoory system processes the data and displays the "Unattended conversations Report."