As a Hoory user, I want the ability to archive chat conversations, enabling me to organize and manage my chat history effectively.
Acceptance Criteria:
  1. As a Hoory user, I should be able to access the archive functionality within the Hoory platform.
  2. The archive functionality should allow me to select and archive individual chat conversations or multiple conversations at once.
  3. When I archive a chat conversation, it should be moved from the active chat list to a separate archived chats section.
  4. The archived chats section should provide a clear and organized view of all my archived conversations, allowing me to easily navigate and search for specific chats.
  5. I should be able to view the archived chats section and access archived conversations even after logging out and logging back into the Hoory platform.
  6. The archive functionality should not delete or remove any chat conversations from the system but rather store them in the archived chats section for future reference.
  7. Archived chat conversations should retain their original content, including messages, timestamps, and any attached files or media, ensuring the integrity and completeness of the conversation history.
  8. The Hoory platform should provide search functionality within the archived chats section, allowing me to search for specific keywords or phrases within my archived conversations.
  9. I should have the ability to sort and filter the archived chats based on criteria such as date, customer name, or chat duration, facilitating efficient organization and retrieval of archived conversations.
The archive functionality should support a large number of archived chat conversations without affecting the performance or speed of the Hoory platform.
I should be able to restore archived chat conversations back to the active chat list if needed, allowing me to retrieve and continue previous conversations.
The Hoory platform should provide an option to permanently delete or purge archived chat conversations if I no longer require them.
The archive functionality should be available to all Hoory users with the appropriate permissions, ensuring that only authorized personnel can archive and access chat conversations.
The archive functionality should be intuitive and user-friendly, with clear instructions and prompts to guide me in archiving and managing my chat history.
The archive functionality should be compatible and functional across different devices and web browsers, providing a consistent experience for Hoory users.